Welcome to my law practice for environmentally and socially friendly businesses, organizations, and individuals. I provide counsel throughout California in the following areas:

  • Social enterprises, green businesses, and cooperatives
  • Shared housing, cohousing, cooperatives, intentional communities, ecovillages, land trusts, limited equity housing cooperatives
  • Collaborative consumption; shared facilities, utilities, services, resources (e.g. ridesharing, community childcare, grocery cooperatives)
  • Food and agriculture: Community gardens, urban agriculture, cottage (home-prepared) food enterprises
  • Community owned enterprises
  • Entity choice, formation, and governance – including cooperatives, benefit and flexible purpose corporations, and non-profits (for businesses, housing or land)
  • Nonprofit tax exemption
  • Contracts and documents: Operating agreements, bylaws, governance, purchases, leases, sales, production, marketing, options, deeds, easements, CC&Rs, liability waivers, offerings, financial, memos, letters, more
  • Employment law
  • Licenses
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Creative capital raising like crowdfunding and related securities law
  • Alternative currencies (time banks, barter exchanges)
  • Land use, zoning, smart growth, green building
  • Title, easements
  • Legal compliance based on your specific operation or vision
  • Navigating legal gray areas that come up for your creative idea

I may provide legal services in areas not listed above or I can try to refer you to the best attorney to fulfill your legal needs.

In addition to providing in-person service in the Monterey and San Francisco Bay areas, I offer legal services throughout California with the use of phone, Skype, Google apps, Dropbox, and the like.

Please contact me for an initial free consultation.